New Flexographic Label Press

Bollin Label has a new flexographic label press!

Bollin Label has a brand-new flexographic label press manufactured by Nilpeter! This new press will be replacing our 4-color press and has features that Bollin Label has never had before. Flexographic label presses have been around for decades. They are still one of the most popular label press options because they are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and produce high-quality labels with great color fidelity and opacity. They are also easy to operate and maintain. Below are some benefits of a flexographic label press. Benefits of a Flexographic Label Press: All eight print stations are equipped with hot air drying and UV curing. Each station also has chill rolls which allows the operator to have better control of the web tensions when printing on thin synthetic materials. The new press has a screen unit for laying heavy volumes of inks/varnishes which can give a raised appearance. This image effect makes a label come to life. Another component is the corona web treater. This is one unit at the front of the press to help control the dyne level of the material and allows the operator to control the dyne level of film face stocks. The advantage of the web treater is that it enables the ink to laydown flat on the substrate without the use of primers. There is also the Automatic Register System. This system allows the operator to “train” the press once the print is set in register. Doing this is necessary when running thin unsupported film material that has a tendency of slipping and stretching when it travels through the press. Finally, one of the most unique features of the flexographic press is the addition of a variable UV inkjet system. This system allows us to print variable information such as barcodes at speeds of up to 500 fpm. The configuration also allows us to print labels we have never been able to print in the past. Bollin Label is very excited about the arrival of our new flexographic label press. If you have any questions about the new press or would like to get your label project started, contact us today. Watch Install Video for the New Press:

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