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TIME TO READ: 2 Minutes Charcuterie Offers Opportunity to Increase Sales

cheeseArtisanal trend of cured meats, specialty cheese attracts consumers to charcuterie. Charcuterie has long been a staple at specialty food stores and fine-dining restaurants, but more and more mainstream consumers have been seeking out these cured-meat products as part of a growing appreciation for artisan food overall. Consumers also may be turning to charcuterie as part of their increased interest in protein-based snacks.

The consumer’s charcuterie fascination could help you increase sales by cross-promoting and merchandising foods in your deli, bakery, produce and specialty food departments for customizing their boards at home. Adopting a ready-to-plate cheese board kit program in your store that includes everything needed to create an impressive cheese board, except the board itself, is an attractive option for those more adventurous consumers who show interest in charcuterie and specialty cheese.Charcuterie-Board label

An ideal charcuterie board will have the perfect balance between cured meats and cheeses complemented with crackers, olives, fruits and nuts. Even hot cocoa themed boards are trending.

Help customers perfect their culinary skills by offering seasonal themed board selections like heart-shaped platters and heartshaped cheese cutouts to small Easter bowls and deviled eggs. Educate on how to craft the perfect charcuterie like how to make Salami into roses for an appealing display.

Utilizing your website or social media is a great place to start teaching, but don’t overlook point-of-purchase signage and labels as a buying guide or a tool to direct the 4:00 customer to a quick no-cook meal solution packed with protein. Also offer a wine or beer pairing to go with their charcuterie meal.

Let Bollin customize a few special charcuterie labels or sign cards for you to utilize in all departments, that will inspire consumers to construct the perfect charcuterie board for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Basketball Madness, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

For endless ideas and to tackle your charcuterie store selling campaign, begin with a leader in label and merchandising solutions, Bollin Label.

Clip & Save our charcuterie idea guide below:

Step 1: Select your board, tray, or container for serving.
Step 2: Choose 2-3 different meats and layer or fold.
Step 3: Add 3 cheeses, use a cookie cutter to create fun shapes.
Step 4: Add olives, pickles, fruits, crackers and nuts to fill in gaps.
Step 5: Use decorative bowls to create interest and to separate.
Step 6: Add a traditional or seasonal holiday label.

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