Bollin Label Company History

Bollin Label: A Legacy of Integrity and Entrepreneurial Spirit

1969: Company Established
Jerry Bollin, founder of Bollin Label

Bollin Label founder, Jerry Bollin

Bollin Label, a company that stands as a testament to integrity and entrepreneurial spirit, has a rich history that began with its founder, Jerry Bollin. After proudly serving in WWII, Jerry returned home to Toledo, Ohio and joined his brother Harry managing their father, Gilly Bollin’s grocery store. This experience would lay the foundation for a remarkable journey in the business world.

In 1969, Jerry Bollin took a groundbreaking jump and founded Bollin Distributing Company. The business initially catered to the local demand for carpet cleaning products, operating from the garage of his family home. The company’s primary offering was Bissell rental carpet cleaning equipment, supplied to local grocery stores like Seaway Food Town.

Recognizing the diverse pricing systems employed by retailers, Bollin Distributing diversified its services, adding labels, tags, and label guns to its product distribution. The company was a true family endeavor, with Jerry joined by his sons, Jeff and Mark Bollin, as the sole employees.

1973: New Office Building

Bollin Label building on Paine Street

By 1973 Bollin moved the company to a small warehouse in the Birmingham neighborhood of East Toledo. The product range expanded further to include labels and labelers, including the iconic Monarch Label guns.

As the company grew, Jerry’s daughters Deb and Chris joined the business. Chris contributed to the accounting department, and Deb as office administrator. Additionally, in 1976, the company began manufacturing and selling custom printed one-color labels, particularly for in-store bakeries. Sales were driven by cube delivery vans, supermarket visits, rental rack servicing, and department-specific label sales.

Bollin Label building on Paine in Toledo, Ohio
1978: Purchased first Tickopress
First Tickopress

Purchase of first Tickopress

In 1978, Bollin made a forward-looking investment by purchasing its first Tickopress, capable of printing 1000 one-color labels in just 7 minutes. This technological advancement set the stage for the company’s growth.


1982: Mark Andy 820 Press

Acquired a Mark Andy 820 Press

In 1982, the company, Bollin & Sons Inc., acquired a Mark Andy 820 Press, a three-color narrow web flexography press, expanding its capabilities and product offerings.

1984: Moved to East Broadway building

East Broadway building

In 1984 a fire necessitated a move to a larger 21,000 square foot facility on East Broadway.

1991: Mark Bollin takes the helm as president

In 1991, Mark Bollin took the helm as president. This transition marked the beginning of the company’s vision to create a catalog of label products for supermarkets. Bollin Label started selling supermarket merchandising labels to distributors already supplying grocers with essential supplies like bags, foam trays, and film wrap.

1993: Acquisition of new equipment

New Equipment Acquisitions

The year 1993 saw the acquisition of two Rotopresses, a 4-color and a 6-color, further expanding the company’s production capabilities.

2004: Moved into current headquarters

Bollin Label Headquarters

As Bollin Label continued to grow, it required more space, prompting a move to its current headquarters in North Toledo in 2004.

Bollin Label Office Building. Contact Bollin Label today.
2014: Added a 8-color Nilpeter press and launch of

Investment in a larger 8-color Nilpeter press

The company remained committed to advancing its capabilities, and in 2014, it invested in a larger 8-color Nilpeter press with more ink stations.

Launch of

Mark Bollin recognized the importance of online sales, and the e-commerce website was launched to cater to a broader consumer base. logo
2017: Acquired a Xeikon digital press

Xeikon digital press

In 2017, Bollin Label advanced further into the digital realm, acquiring a Xeikon digital press to meet the market demand for short runs and fast turnaround times.

xeikon digital press
2019 to present: The Bollin Label journey continues
Heidi, Chris and Kristin

The Bollin Label Journey Continues

In 2019, Bollin Label Systems celebrated an impressive 50 years in business, commemorated by the purchase of a 13” Rotopress to augment the flexographic fleet, enhancing efficiency for large runs. This same year longtime employee Jeff Hierholzer became Chief Information Officer bringing his expertise of financial planning & analysis, project management, enterprise resource planning and strategic planning.

A succession plan was put into place, with Mark’s daughter Heidi, and Chris’s daughter Kristin accepting important roles within the company. Mark transitioned into the role of Strategic Advisor, while Chris became the active CEO. Heidi assumed the role of President, and Kristin took on the role of Vice President and COO.

In 2020 Helen Darrah became the Executive Director of Sales & Marketing. The Sales and Marketing departments have played a pivotal role in expanding Bollin Label’s customer accounts. Helen’s organized approach to the sales process and unwavering commitment to promoting the Bollin brand have yielded remarkable results. With Helen’s leadership, the sales and marketing team, travels nationwide for tradeshows, expos, and conferences, enhancing the company’s visibility and reputation.

Additionally, Bollin Label has continued to show exponential success under the guidance of Patrick Kitz, who advanced from pre-production manager to full time Operations Manager in January 2021.

Today, Bollin Label stands as a women-owned and managed enterprise, embodying the values of integrity, adaptability and resilience that have been the driving force behind its success. The company’s journey from a small garage operation to a thriving label manufacturing business is a testament to the dedication and vision of the Bollin family and their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

Labeled With Integrity

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