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food product label tips

Where you should start with your food product label?

Designing food product labels can be both exciting and challenging. Creating a great design that exemplifies the food and the company behind it can be fun. The challenge is in planning a merchandisable design that wins sales. An effectively designed label helps support your brand personality and voice. Additionally, well-designed labels are an affordable solution compared to custom packaging. Food label marketing is fun, but it’s not easy. Follow these food product label tips and work with your label provider to get your products from the shelf and into your customer’s hands & kitchens!

Here are food product label tips to consider:

Know your audience

You need to know what your customers are looking for before you even begin design concepts. What problems do your customers have, and how does your food product help solve them? Your label should promote quality, fresh ingredients, and sanitary production processes as well as convey delicious flavor. You also need to understand customer expectations. Be transparent and honest and the message on your labels can do wonders for your sales, and result in greater consumer recognition and trust.

Know your competition

It doesn’t matter what kind of food product you’re retailing (BBQ sauce, salad dressing, or hummus), it is likely to be on a shelf surrounded by a plethora of competing products. Your food product label design should be markedly different from your competitors’. You should meet customer expectations in a new and profound way that gets attention and sets you apart from your competitors.

Show the food

Consider a label design with a clear see-through section so shoppers can see the food inside. Images of food on the labels are one thing but seeing the tasty treat that could be yours in just a few short minutes is priceless.

Highlight ingredients and features

Instead of depicting your food on your packaging, show the fresh ingredients that went into making it. You should also highlight features so they’re easy to see – organic logos, award/contest winnings, family-owned, taste-test votes, preparation techniques, the original ingredient – anything that sets you apart.

Food Product Label Design for post-sale marketing

The label is prime real estate for your marketing efforts. Whenever possible, include a QR code or website so customers can learn more about your product or maybe lookup recipes. When launching a food product for retail, the label is one of the few weapons you have against the big brands, and in most cases, it’s the no.1 deciding factor for consumers making their purchasing decisions.

FDA Compliance

Finally, your food product labels need to do everything any product label does but must also be FDA compliant. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have five elements that must be included on your retail food packaging labels.

  1. Statement of Identity – Product must be clearly identified along with the intended use. Most people know how to use the package’s food, however suggestions are a great way to inspire a purchase.
  2. Net Weight – The net weight is the weight of the food or consumable contents without packaging.
  3. Manufacturer Information – Include the name and address of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor. You’ll also need to include a qualifying phrase that describes your company’s relationship to the firm (‘distributed by’, ‘manufactured for’ as examples).
  4. Nutrition Facts – The nutrition facts and ingredients should be on the same panel to make it easier for intended audience to easily read the facts. The nutritional panel must be perfectly readable and include:
  • Serving Size
  • Nutrients
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  1. Ingredients – Everything that went into the food or liquid needs to be on the label. Ingredients need to be listed in order of most to least in the amount used for the product. Be sure to include any disclaimers about allergens.

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